Teaching Dates for 2021

amitie textiles

87 Beach Road, Torquay

First Saturday and third Tuesday of every month focusing on one of my quilt patterns each class but happy to help with any of my other patterns as well. Beginners and more advanced welcome.


Sat 6th - Out on the Patio

Tues 16th - Caravelle


Sat 6th - Acrobats and Jugglers

Tues  16th - Brown Sugar


Sat 3rd - The Avenue

Tues 20th - Flower Pop 

More dates and new patterns TBC.

Queen of Fabric 

387 Bay Street, Brighton

Second Saturday of each month. Join me to explore hand piecing, hand quilting and applique techniques. Beginners to more advanced welcome.

Feb - Sat 13th

Mar - Sat 13th

April - Sat 10th

May - Sat 8th

June - Sat 12th

July - Sat 10th

Aug - Sat 14th

Sept - Sat 11th

Oct - Sat 9th

Nov - Sat 13th

Bella Fabrics  

195 Canterbury Road, Canterbury

2nd Tuesday and 4th Friday of each month with flexible half or full day options 

10am–3pm or 10am–12.30pm or 12.30pm–3pm 

Will focus on a range of techniques to make a quilt by hand including piecing, quilting and needle turn applique. Beginners to more advanced welcome.

For bookings call  03) 9078 9500

Feb - Tues 9th  and Fri 26th

Mar - Tues 9th and Fri 26th

April - Tues 13th and Fri 23rd

May - Tues 11th and Fri 28th

June - Tues 8th and Fri 25th

July - Tues 13th and Fri 23rd

Aug - Tues 10th and Fri 27th

Sept - Tues 14th and Fri 24th

Oct - Tues 12th and Fri 22nd

Nov - Tues 9th and Fri 26th

Dec - Tues 14th



For any teaching enquiries please contact me via email louise.papas@bigpond.com